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Our history

On 11 January 1988 the first headquarters of the Elderly Emergency Service was inaugurated in the popular area of Madonna di Campagna-Lucento-Vallette-Borgo Vittoria, in via Stradella 203. The service was born after the dissolution of the Little House of Charity, inherited by the Municipality of Turin and granted in 1987 on a free loan to start an experimental home care service for the elderly. The challenge is taken up by a group of six volunteers supported by the Italian Women's Center. In 1992 the service was formed into voluntary associations, with the name SEA SERVIZIO EMERGENZA ANZIANI.
During these years of activity the SEA groups have multiplied: a seed of hope that has grown and what was an experimental project has become an ongoing service, capable of “infecting new territories”. SEA IS AN ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN INSPIRATION

Sagoma Anziano e Volontario che cerca di portare felicità nella vita altrui.
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